We come from many places, and we move for many reasons.
Where do you and your family come from?
Where did your ancestors come from?
Why did you move?

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Step one: Where do you come from?

Find where you live using an online or physical map. If you are looking for an online map you can try the United States Geological Survey’s Earth Explorer.

Draw an “X” where you currently live or on the place you consider to be “home”. Then draw a circle on the place your family comes from. Depending on your own history, this could mean another house where you used to live, the place where your parents grew up, or where your ancestors came from long ago.

Step two: Why did you move?

People move for many reasons, some of which include seeking a better life, escaping harm, and moving to be with family. In some cases, your family may have never moved, or alternatively, they may have always been on the move.

For this activity, reflect on your family’s migration journey. Why did they move? What do you wish you knew about your family’s migration history? Are there ways you could learn more?

To expand on this, check out the “Mapping Out Origins” activity World on the Move: 250,000 Years of Human Migration™ Exhibition Guide.