Misliya cave and excavation site

Human Origins & Early Migration

Through genetic, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural evidence, scientists piece together our understanding of human origins and early migrations out of and within Africa.

A farmer sits on his parched agricultural land during a heavy drought in Assam, northeastern India, in March 2020.

Climate Change

As the environment shifts, communities face the risk of displacement, loss of local knowledge, and threats to their cultural heritage. Learn more about how the changing climate impacts human migration.

Activists protest gentrification in East LA, 2017

Migration & Economic Impact

Explore how migration impacts local, regional, and national economies.

Musicians and activists gather at the U.S.-Mexico border for the annual Fandango Fronterizo Festival


When we talk about mobility, we must consider who can move and who cannot. What are the reasons why they cannot move?

Burundian refugees fleeing political violence arrive in Mboko, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2015

Forced Migration

Not all migration is voluntary. Some move to escape dangerous situations, are displaced from their homes, or are forced to move through human trafficking and enslavement.

Voting Ballot For The Referendum On The United Kingdom's Membership


Explore the effects of migration policies. Policies set by a government, such as laws and regulations, determine how people can arrive and settle in their country.

Travelers arrive at the immigration checkpoint at Changi Airport in Singapore


Tourists spend time away from home for reasons such as business, recreation, and relaxation. While their time away from home may be temporary, it’s important to consider the effect of migration on tourists, on the places they visit, and on the people they leave behind.