Human Origins and Early Migration

Misliya cave and excavation site

Misliya cave and excavation site
Photos by Mina Weinstein-Evron/University of Haifa

Where do we come from? Scientists believe all humans come from a common ancestral background in East Africa around 250,000 years ago. Waves of movement from this region began shortly after the emergence of our species.

Through genetic, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural evidence, scientists piece together our understanding of human origins and early migrations out of and within Africa. For example, the Human and Neanderthal Genome Projects can provide insight into how our ancestors moved and interacted in the world.

Where humans originate is only one part of our complex migration story. Although we share a common ancestor, it does not mean we all share the same journey. Some communities have lived continuously in the same area for thousands of years. Their traditional stories describe their ancestors’ origins in these places. Other people live in places where they or their ancestors have arrived more recently.

In this section, resources will explore how anthropological evidence helps provide insight on our common ancestral background, initial migration out of Africa, and the peopling of other continents.


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