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Short Films and Documentaries

Strangers in Town

STRANGERS IN TOWN tells the story of how global migration unexpectedly transformed and enriched Garden City, Kansas. It brought great challenges to the community, including demands for housing, social services, education, and infrustucture. For the current students at Garden City High School, the town’s remarkable diversity is all they’ve ever known. STRANGERS IN TOWN gives new meaning to the city’s motto: “the world grows here,” and provides an inspiring view of human possibility in the face of change. Visit their website to learn more about the film and find the screening schedule.

The Great Migration: Why African-Americans left the south in droves

During the great migration, around 40% of America’s black population left the rural south. Today, census data indicates a new shift underway. (Vox Media)

Margaret Dorsey and Miguel Diaz-Barriga, World on the Move Presentation

Margaret Dorsey and Miguel Diaz-Barriga’s lightning presentation during the World on the Move special session, 2016 AAA Annual Meeting- Minneapolis, MN.

Speaking Of Books: Freidenberg, “Contemporary Conversations on Immigration

Advisory Board Member, Judith Freidenberg giving a book talk for her recent book “Contemporary Conversations on Immigration in the United States: The View from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The Immigrant Experience, Education

The Immigrant Experience, Education – a short documentary film produced by anthropologist Judith Freidenberg and her students. 

The Immigrant Experience, Identity

The Immigrant Experience, Identity – a short documentary film produced by anthropologist Judith Freidenberg and her students.

The Immigrant Experience, Social Connections

The Immigrant Experience, Social Connections – a short documentary film produced by anthropologist Judith Freidenberg and her students.

Immigrant Voices

Immigrant Voices a short documentary film produced by anthropologists Gail Thakur and Judith Freidenberg.

Short Film by Alicia Keys “Let Me In” for World Refugee Day

LET ME IN is a cinematic experience which re-imagines the refugee crisis as if it was happening on America’s shores. Written and directed by Jonathan Olinger, this tale of survival and the remarkable power of the human spirit is inspired by the stories of real refugees.

Child Migrant Stories – Voices Past and Present

The stories featured throughout this film are taken from interviews with people who migrated to East London under the age of 18 from across the world. Find out more at

Passing Tides – story of a young girl escaping Vietnam with her father

Passing Tides is the story of Linh Vu’s journey from Vietnam with her father who was at risk of imprisonment by the Communist Regime in the late 1970s. The film draws on Linh’s skills as an artist with moving images of the reeds where she and her father hid waiting for the boat they escaped in.