Migration is a human experience that connects us all

Migration is a human experience that connects us all

By understanding where we come from, why we move, and how moving changes us,
we can better understand who we are and where we are going

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On migration and displacement

Together with the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, the American Anthropological Association has developed a public education initiative that aims to change the public conversation about an important, yet difficult topic – migration and displacement. The public conversation is often shaped more by ideology and rhetoric than by evidence, leading to policies and practices that harm individuals, families, and communities. We aim to change the public conversation, with the goal of ultimately reshaping unfair policies and practices through insights gained from anthropological research.

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Forcibly Displaced in 2021
Conflict Related
Climate Related

Source: UN News

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Documentary Films

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Re-Imagining Migration


Building inclusive communities

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Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History

Using history to teach tolerance

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International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

Migration Museums

Museum educators’ exchange

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Migration Connects Us All

We can help change attitudes by understanding what it’s like to be a migrant.