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Research Summaries

Bringing Anthropology to their Peers

Each year, high schoolers interested in anthropology intern virtually at the American Anthropological Association to help bring anthropology to their peers. During their virtual internship, students work closely with staff to rewrite anthropological articles to appeal to a younger audience who is new to anthropology or unfamiliar with how disciplinary knowledge can be applied to understand complex topics such as migration and displacement. Research Summaries written by the AAA high school interns can be found below.

The application portal for the Spring 2022 High School Virtual Internship is now closed.

Impacts of Culture and Social Structures on Marshallese Health

Adapted by Hamna Shafiq

For the Marshallese, the U.S.'s ongoing military presence in the Marshall Islands has severely comprised the health of the local population and caused high rates of emigration to the mainland United States. This article explores how incongruous ideas of kinship and cultural perceptions of health impact Marshallese access to health care, their community status, and treatment in healthcare facilities.

Examining Migration Tools and Techniques on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Adapted by Jenna Dispenziere

The dangers and fears of border-crossing are something that most of us know about, but how do migrants do it? Using contemporary archaeological research methods and surveys, anthropologist Jason De León shares insights on the tools and techniques migrants use to cross the border.